Water Well Inspection – Buying a Home With a Private Well

When buying a home, there is so much to keep track of. You need to do walkthroughs and inspections to find out every small detail that could cost you money after closing. This can be especially difficult when your potential home has unique features like a private water well. A private well will affect your daily life as a homeowner so it’s essential to do your due diligence before making the home purchase. Make sure professionals carry out a water well inspection before making the purchase. 

Important Tests

If you are considering buying a home with a private water well, there are some tests that you need to carry out before you can be certain of your investment. You need to know that your well is in good condition, both structurally and with the mechanisms that make it operate. You need to know that there is adequate water flow to your home and the water is safe to drink. Your typical home inspector will not have the knowledge or experience required to perform a water well inspection accurately – it’s best to hire a water well professional. 

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System Mechanics

Water well inspectors will typically start by assessing the condition of the water wells mechanics. They will make sure the submersible pump and pressure tank are operating correctly and take note of any required repairs while they carry out the process. They will test the water filtration system, however the only way to guarantee clean drinking water is through water quality tests.  

Water well technicians will inspect the well cap to make sure it has a water-tight seal that prevents contaminants from entering the well head. They will make sure the well has the proper static water level and determine how many gallons per minute the well is capable of pumping. Your typical residential water well will need at least 5 gallons per minute. Irrigation water wells require 10-12 gallons per minute. If the well fails inspection, the water well technician will provide a detailed report of what needs to be repaired or replaced to pass a water well inspection. 

Water Quality Inspection

If the water well fails the initial mechanical testing, you may want to negotiate with the home seller before having the water quality tested. The estimate for well repairs provided by your well inspector can be used for this negotiation. If the well does pass mechanical water well inspection, it’s time for water quality testing. 

Water quality testing looks for organic and inorganic contaminants in the water that could be harmful to someone’s health. If there are any issues, you should factor that into your negotiations, as water quality remediation will be needed. A well drilling and pump Service can help with all of your water treatment needs. We offer a variety of water treatment services to help with all of the different problems that may occur. We will test your drinking water and ensure it is safe for consumption.


Water Well Inspection Experts

If you are searching for a reputable company to drill, inspect, and maintain your well, A1 Drilling and Pump Service is an expert well drilling company with 4 generations of experience. Well drilling is just one of the many services we offer to make your life easier. We offer a variety of services including well drilling, well and pump service, water treatment installation, and more. Our expert technicians are fully equipped to handle any problem that may be happening with your well. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, A1 Drilling and Pump service is always ready to provide expert service. If you are buying a new home with a water well, give us a call today!

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