Common Water Well Problems – Understanding the Warning Signs

Most homeowners don’t give their water well much thought until they start to experience issues with their water supply. Although most modern water wells will provide years of service with minimal maintenance, there are warning signs for the most common water well problems. If you experience any of these issues, it’s best to contact your local water well professionals to assess them and present you with the best solution to resolve them.

Air in Your Water Pipes

When you turn on the faucet, does it spit and sputter with an inconsistent flow of water? This is one of the common water well problems that is often easily remedied. Air can get trapped in the high points of your water supply system. You may be able to force it out on your own by turning on every faucet and appliance in your house that uses water. Start by turning on the one closest to your water supply and work your way through your house until all of them are turned on. Let them all run at the same time for about ten minutes, then turn them off by starting with the one furthest away from the water supply. This may force the air bubbles out of your water pipes. If this doesn’t work, you may have a low water table or a broken well pump drop pipe. These are more serious well problems and require the skills of a water well professional.

Your Well is Pumping Sand

If you are noticing that your water well is pumping sand or sediment, there are a couple of different well problems that could be causing this to happen. The well screen may have degraded over time and is allowing sand or silt to enter your well pump. Another cause for this is the water level dropping when the pump turns on. If the pump is situated near the bottom of the well, sand and sediment can be sucked in. Having a sand and sediment trapper or a 60 mesh filter screen with an automatic purge valve professionally installed can often resolve the problem.

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Insufficient Water Pressure

There are a variety of water well problems that could cause you to experience low water pressure or no water at all. These can range from a stuck check valve or faulty gate/ball valve to a leaking pressure tank or failing well pump. Iron bacteria build-up on either the pump or well screen can cause a clog. Iron bacteria can also clog up the pipe nipple leading to the pressure switch, causing the pressure switch to incorrectly sense the pressure. A build-up of iron bacteria can often be resolved by having the well cleaned with a special solution designed to remove iron bacteria, slime, and scale. Low water pressure can sometimes require the pressure switch to be adjusted to raise the pressure. This can only be done when the well pump and well can operate without difficulty at the higher pressure. If you are experiencing low water pressure, it is best to call a water well professional to determine the cause of the problem and the proper solution.

Well Pump Short Cycling

Is your well pump constantly cycling on and off? This is often referred to as “short cycling” and can be an indication of a variety of water well problems. These include water leaks in your home, corrosion of the water well casing, liner or screen, a faulty check valve, and the loss of captive air pressure in the pressure tank. Some of these issues can cause your well pump to run almost 24 hours a day, causing increased wear and tear on the unit.

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Experiencing Water Well Problems?

These are just some of the common well problems. If you are experiencing any of these or other issues such as reduced water quality or a sudden spike in your energy bills, it’s time to call the water well professionals at A1 Drilling and Pump Service. We are equipped to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix all of your water well issues. We offer expert well pump and water well repair. Contact us for all your water well issues including well drilling, water treatment, and the installation of constant pressure systems. At A1 Drilling and Pump Service, we can handle it all!


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