Diagnose Any Water Well Problem

We have the experience and equipment to efficiently diagnose any water well problem and implement the best, most cost effective solution.

Video Camera Well Inspections

Our video camera well inspections allow us to discover the the cause of a water well issue without first breaking ground.

Water Filtration Systems:

We install, replace and service water well filtration systems. Whether you are dealing with high levels of iron or other minerals that cause hard water or need to eliminate bacteria from your water, we can help find and install the perfect solution.

Trenching and Water Lines

Trenching is a form of excavation in which a large hole is dug. The hole is generally quite deep, narrow and long. Trenching is common in construction, especially when installing underground pipes and water lines. We offer trenching and water line services no matter how big the job is.

Water Storage Systems and Tanks

If you are using a well as your water source, you will typically have a pressure tank with approximately a 25 gallon capacity. Not all well water systems have a storage tank. These tanks which can hold anywhere from 500-5,000+ gallons, allow your system to have instant access to water at any time, without having to activate your well pump.

This will reduce wear and tear on the pump, increasing it’s longevity. A water storage system can also be beneficial if your well is shallow and only produces a certain amount of water on a daily basis. With water storage, any water no used is stored rather than wasted and available when water usage is increased.

Water Quality Testing

We provide professional water quality testing, explain the results and recommend, install and service the proper solution if necessary.

Well Flow Testing

A water flow test measures the rate of recovery of a water supply. The faster the recovery, the faster that water can be drawn from the source. If a well runs dry during the course of the test, then it may have a poor recovery rate and may not be a reliable water source for the household. A professionally conducted well flow test will determine if the water supply is sufficient to meet your needs and typically conducted when buying a new home.

Well Cleaning

Regular well cleaning can preventing damage to the well screen, water pump and plumbing. We will clean your well of bacterial growth, mineral fouling, silt and sand. The typical result of well cleaning are improved water flow, removal of iron build up and the reduction of bacteria biofilm.

Private Well Inspections

A private inspection of the well when buying a new home is extremely important. Our experience and equipment can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the existing well and whether or not it is in need of repair replacement.

Annual Preventative Maintenance Checks

As with any structure or device that provides a vital service in your everyday routine, your well should be checked and maintained annually. We can identify a small issue and remedy it before it becomes a big problem. Preventative maintenance checks can save you money and aggravation.

Identifying Location of Buried Wells

Many older wells were buried and in some cases, may have been built over or cut off. We can go beyond the information provided by present and previous property owners, physical evidence and record searches with professional equipment and knowledge gained from years of experience to locate a buried well.

Underground Boring

This method is used when installing pipes underground such as under a driveway without the  surface disruption of a trench. In addition to a reduced impact on its surroundings, in many cases, underground boring can be less expensive.

Well Redevelopment

Redevelopment is a normal part of the well drilling procedure. It takes place after the completion of the well and before the final disinfection. It is necessary to maximize the yield of the well and to optimise the filter capacity of the gravel.

Well Sealing and Abandonment

An abandoned well poses one of the greatest threats to groundwater. It provides a direct, unhindered route for pollutants to reach an underground water supply. It is important that the well is properly emptied, disinfected and sealed to prevent contamination.

Sump Pump Service

A sump pump can be an effective option for preventing water damage. Installed in a pit in the basement, the pump senses when the water rises from rain or melting snow. Should the water in the pit approach floor level, the incoming water is then pumped outside.

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