Does Your Water Well Need a Water Softener System?

Hard water is a common issue that affects many households. Essentially, water is ‘hard’ when it has a high mineral concentration, such as magnesium or calcium. While hard water is safe to drink, it causes many frustrations and it’s definitely worth the time and energy to remedy the issue. The first step is identifying whether or not you have hard water. If you own a water well and are experiencing the following problems, it’s probably time to install a water softener system. 

Water Flow

When water well owners experience a weak water flow, there are several potential causes. There may be an issue with the well’s water pump, the well water level could be low, or plumbing systems could be clogged. One common cause of clogged plumbing is from buildup caused by minerals in hard water. The minerals create a limescale buildup that will clog or slow water flow in places like showerheads and small plumbing fixtures. The buildup will eventually clog larger openings. You may also see scaly buildup around your faucets. If you are experiencing low water pressure, you should have your water well fully inspected by an experienced professional. If it is determined that limescale buildup was the cause, you likely need to install a water softener system or replace your existing one.

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Uncomfortable Clothing

Have you noticed that your clothing is dull, scratchy or stiff recently? It could be caused by hard water. When your clothes are washed with hard water, all of that mineral buildup will leave a residue on your clothing. It also has difficulty fully rinsing off laundry detergent. The result is dull, scratchy, and stuff clothing that doesn’t feel better no matter how often you wash them. They may also have a musty odor. A new water softener system in your water well could be the solution to this frustrating issue. 

Dry Skin and Hair

Clothes aren’t the only thing that can get uncomfortable when you have hard water issues. Hard water can also cause damage to skin and hair, especially in children. The mineral residue from the water irritates the skin and draws out all of its natural moisture. On top of that, soap and shampoo is harder to fully rinse away with hard water. This means you will also have to deal with issues stemming from soap residue. It has even been shown that hard water can cause eczema. 

Spotty Dishes & Appliance Issues

Hard water can also leave behind mineral spots on your dishes. The minerals create a reaction with dish detergent that causes ugly spots on glasses, dishes, forks, and knives. Like shampoo in the shower, the minerals also make it difficult to fully rinse the detergent off of your dishes, leaving behind a residue. 

It isn’t just the dishwasher that has issues with hard water. Washing machines, ice makers, hot water heaters, and more appliances will have much shorter lifespans when they pump hard water. This goes to show that hard water isn’t just a nuisance, it can cost you serious money. It’s essential to fix or update your water softener system. 

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Water Softener System & Filtration

There are two ways to make your water softener. One way is to have a water softener system installed. Water softeners have a resin that minerals like magnesium and calcium will bond to and replace with sodium. However, this extra salt can cause issues and purposely softened water cannot be used to water plants. The very best way to soften water is through proper water filtration. Water filter systems remove minerals from the water as well as several other contaminants. It will remove a plethora of issues and leave you with pure drinking water you can use anywhere.

Water Well Experts

A1 Well Drilling & Pump Service can help with all of your water treatment needs. We offer a variety of water treatment services to help with all of the different problems that may occur. We will test your drinking water and ensure it is safe for consumption. If we determine that hard water is your issue, we have everything you need to filter and soften your water supply.  If you suspect your water supply is too hard, give us a call today!

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