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If you own a private water well, you must maintain an adequate supply of groundwater for it to run properly. The water supply will fluctuate throughout the year due to rain, snowmelt, drought, and other factors. To determine how your well will function, you will need to keep track of your static water level. But what exactly is a static water level and what is the best water level indicator?

Static Water Level

In short, the static water level is the undisturbed, resting water level of your water well. When measuring the static water level, the pump should not have been used for a few hours so it can fully settle. You could get a false reading with your water level indicator if you recently ran the water well pump. 

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Measurement Techniques

There are a few different methods to test the static water level, all of which should be carried out by a well water professional. Examples of a water level indicator include electric sounders, wetted tape, or an air line. Different methods should be used depending on the depth and size of your well. Experienced well water professionals can determine which is the best method for you. 

Electric Sounder/Electric Depth Gauge

One practical water level indicator is an electric sounder or electric depth gauge. These devices use a weight that is suspended on a wire that has depth markings on it. An ammeter is used to measure current in the circuit, making sure the circuit is closed. The wire touches the water surface and a current, supplied by a battery, flows through the circuit. A well water professional will then drop the line down the well until the ammeter needle deflects and shows the distance from the water surface to the casing top on the line. They will then use a measuring tape to find the distance between the marks on the line, which is your static water level.

Wetted Tape

This water level indicator is best suited for shallow water wells, as it is accurate to around 90 ft. You must also know an approximate depth of your water well to use the wetted tape approach. A profession will use a 100 ft measuring tape made of steel with a lead weight connected to the end of it. Around 8-10 ft of the dried tape is covered in carpenters chalk before each measurement is taken. The operator will lower the tape into the well and measure the distance between the wetted line and the top of the casing. 

Air Line

The air line water level indicator is best for wells over 300 ft deep. A well water professional will take a thin, long pipe that goes from the top of the wellhead to 20 ft. below what the anticipated water level is. They will then pump air through the pipe until the air forced out is equalized to the water pressure of your well. The length of the air line is measured as it lowers into the well by noting pipe joints. A well water professional will then fit the top of the line with a pressure gauge and valve before pumping out the line. Once the gauge determines the line is fully pumped out, the resulting water pressure will support the column of water from the water level to the bottom of the pipe. The water column pressure is then converted to feet and subtracted from the known length of the air line. The resulting distance is the well water depth.

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Water Level Indicator Services

If you need to determine the static water level of your well, call the professionals at A1 Well Drilling & Pump Service. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we are always ready to provide expert service. Whether you are looking to install a new home water well, repair the one you already have, or test your water level, A1 Drilling and Pump Service has you covered. Contact us today to take control of your water supply.

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