Emergency Well Repair In Middlesex County – Is It Time for an Upgrade?

With a free water supply that you have control over, having your own private water well has plenty of benefits. However, with the benefits come the responsibility of maintaining the well and systems associated with hit. One of the most important components of a water well is the well pump so well owners need to prioritize its maintenance. But how do you know when the well pump needs emergency well repair in Middlesex county? The following signs could mean it’s time for an upgrade.

An Old Pump

Well pumps have a fairly long lifespan – operating properly for 10 to 15 years. If your pump is getting up there in years, it’s important to keep an eye on it. Older pumps may end up running constantly and can break down at any minute. It is much better to take care of the pump ahead of time than suddenly finding you are without water until repairs are made. If your pump is having definite issues, it’s time to decide whether you want it repaired or replaced entirely. If the cost of emergency well repair in Middlesex County is at least half the price of replacement, you are probably better off just replacing the pump. 

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Constantly Running Pump

As mentioned previously, a constantly running water pump is a common sign that it is having issues. Faulty well pumps have to put in a lot more work to maintain the proper water pressure so they will pump almost nonstop. This puts wear and tear on the pump itself and also can skyrocket your electricity bills. A skilled water well service technician can do certain tests to determine if your plumbing or the well pump is the source of the issue. By calling a professional at the first sign of constant pumping, you can avoid needing emergency well repair in Middlesex County. Fortunately, not all issues require extensive repairs – the well service company may only need to prime the pump or make other small adjustments.

Regular Breakdowns

If your well pump breaks down constantly, it’s best to have it replaced before it breaks down for good. It’s always better to make preventative repairs or replace the pump before you need emergency well repair in Middlesex County. Regular breakdowns could occur from the well being broken, old, or installed incorrectly in the first place. The pump could even be faulty from the start so make sure to check if it is still under warranty before replacing if the pump is new. 

Sputtering Faucet

When you turn on the faucet, does the water flow inconsistently or have bubbles pushed through? This could be due to a crack in the pipe that connects your water well pump to the house. This could also be due to a decrease in your water table. Whatever the cause, it’s best to call for emergency well repair in Middlesex County. 

Dirty Water

Another result of a malfunctioning water pump is a drop in water quality. Things like a rotten smell or metallic taste could mean that your water contains sand or other sediments. Sand and sediment can cause damage to your water pump even if it is brand new. If you are having water quality issues, call a professional immediately. This could also mean you have broken plumbing, a leak in a nearby septic system, or other issues that need to be addressed immediately. 

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The Best Emergency Well Repair in Middlesex County

Water wells are complicated and even the handiest person should probably let a professional take the wheel. At A1 Well Drilling & Pump Service, we offer a variety of services including well drilling, well and pump service, water treatment installation, and more. Our expert technicians are fully equipped to handle any problem that may be happening with your well. Whether it’s too old and you need a new one or you’re simply in need of a few well repairs or service after a flood, we’ll be there for you! So, if you’ve noticed any of the things listed above causing problems with your well or you just think it’s time for a check-up, give us a call today!

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