Well Water Treatment with Shock Chlorination

As the owner of a private water well, you need to make sure that your water supply is clean and sanitary. Failing to maintain a clean water supply means subjecting your family to harmful contaminants. Certain contaminants and bacteria can also wreak havoc on your water well. When enough bacteria build up in your well, you may need to shock your water supply with chlorination. But what are the signs that you may need well water treatment?

Shock Chlorination

Shock chlorination is an effective method of disinfecting a well’s water supply. The process involves controlled exposure of chlorine into the water, killing off harmful bacteria. This form of well water treatment should always be carried out by a professional. Too much chlorine can contaminate the water supply while too little may not kill off the bacteria. Trained professionals will know exactly how to shock treat your water for the best results.

Slimy Substance Buildup

How do you know when it’s time for shock chlorination well water treatment? One thing to look out for is slime. When iron bacteria build up in your water supply, a slimy substance will form on the inside of your toilet tank. The toilet tank is the upper part of a toilet where water is stored for flushing. Open the lid to see if any slimy buildup has formed. If so, it’s time for a shock treatment. 

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Stains On Laundry

While you may forget to occasionally check your toilet tank, it’s a lot harder to ignore phantom stains appearing on your laundry. When your water supply is filled with bacteria, the water you wash your clothes is also contaminated. After washing your clothes in contaminated water, an orange residue can get left behind on the fabric. This ruins your clothing. It’s important to call a water well professional to assess the situation because rusty pipes can also leave a residue on fabric. 

Pipe Blockage

Bacteria from your water well can attach to your plumbing and eventually create a blockage. This results in sputtering or inconsistent water flow coming out of your faucets. A shock well water treatment can help kill this bacteria and clear it from your plumbing. 

Smelly Water

Another sign you are in need of well water treatment is when your water has a foul odor to it. Sulfate-reducing bacteria builds up and gives off an odor similar to rotten eggs. This is probably the most indicative sign that you need to shock chlorinate your water supply. 

Never Shocked the Water Supply

Most of these signs appear after your water supply has been tainted for a while. You should be proactive with your water supply. If you have never shocked your well water, it may be time to do so. Regular water well testing and well water treatment is the best way to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place. 

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Professional Inspections & Well Water Treatment

If you suspect your well is contaminated, you should stop using your water and call a professional as soon as possible. Unsanitary water can cause serious health risks, especially for infants and pregnant women. Be sure that your family is safe and call a professional to test your drinking water. A1 Well Drilling & Pump Service can help with all of your water treatment needs. We offer a variety of well water treatment services to help with all of the different problems that may occur. We will test your drinking water and ensure it is safe for consumption. If you think there is lead in your drinking water or you just want to be safe, give us a call today!

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