Water Well Companies Explain: Maintenance After Flooding

April showers bring May flowers and, unfortunately, some flooding. Water well companies recommend that well owners pay close attention to flooding. Floods can cause serious damage to water wells and contaminate the water supply. If you recently experienced flooding in your area, here’s what you need to look out for. 

Did The Well Flood?

How can you tell if your water well was affected by flooding? The first and most obvious sign is if the floodwaters rose above the well cap. If you weren’t there to see how high the water table rose, look for sediment and debris on the top of your well cap. You can also call your home state’s division of environmental protection. These state departments monitor the quality of the groundwater so they can keep people informed. If your area’s water table was affected or if your water well was submerged, you should start looking for water well companies to mitigate the damage. 

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The Damage

One might wonder, how much damage could floodwater do to a structure designed to hold water? Plenty. From sediment in the water to an entire structure collapse of the well, flooding can cause a myriad of issues that are best left to professional water well companies. 


Floodwater can carry heavy debris that moves very quickly with the water. This debris can crash into your water well equipment and cause physical damage to the well.


If the flooding is intense enough, it can loosen the ground around the well and compromise the structural integrity of the entire well. This can even result in a complete collapse of the well. 


There are several forms of water contamination that water well companies typically find after flooding. Flooding will stir up sediment that can get into your water supply. Not only does this negatively affect the quality of your water, but the stirred-up sediment can also cause serious damage to your well pump. 


Floodwater picks up chemical and biological contaminants from the surrounding area. When these wind up in your water supply, professionals must be called immediately to conduct water testing and treatment. Pesticides, fungus, and other bacteria can travel with the floodwater into your well, posing serious health hazards for you and your family. Make sure you do not drink any water from a private well after flooding until you’ve had water well companies test and chemically treat the water supply. 


Flooding can also cause damage to the electrical systems that power your water well. Submerged electrical equipment will typically power down – do not turn the power back on yourself. This is best carried out by professional water well companies. 

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New Jersey’s Best Water Well Companies

Did it recently flood in your area? It’s time to look for reputable water well companies that can help. At A1 Well Drilling & Pump Service, we offer a variety of services including well drilling, well and pump service, water treatment installation, and more. Our expert technicians are fully equipped to handle any problem that may be happening with your well.

For four generations, A-1 Well Drilling has been servicing Monmouth, Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex, and Mercer Counties and has taken special care with the installation and servicing of water well systems and water treatment systems. Whether it’s too old and you need a new one or you’re simply in need of a few well repairs or service after a flood, we’ll be there for you! So, if you’ve noticed any of the things listed above causing problems with your well or you just think it’s time for a check-up, give us a call today!

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