Well Replacement in Monmouth County: How to Tell When It’s Time

It’s a new year and finally time for some peace and quiet after the busy holidays. Now is your chance to pencil in some plans, accomplish a few tasks, and think about what needs to be done. With that said, have you considered the health of your well? Perhaps it may be time to contact a service that provides well replacement in Monmouth County. Here’s a few surefire signs that your well pump might need replacing.

How Long Do Well Pumps Even Last?

Typically, well pumps last between eight to fifteen years. So if you live in an older house or have been living in your home for quite a while, it could be time to check your well pump. Additionally, the more you use your pump, the sooner it will need replacing. If you have a family of six with each family member showering, drinking, and doing laundry daily, your pump has been working hard and might need to be replaced sooner.

All things considered, look out for the following signs that it may be time for well replacement in Monmouth County. 

Well tank replacement monmouth county

Low Water Pressure

Is your water pressure a bit weak? Not as much water coming down in the shower? Your well might need replacing. The entire water pump system is based on water pressure. Moreover, if pressure is lacking, your well pump is too. Contact an experienced team of well professionals and keep looking for more telltale signs.

Clicks Near Pressure Switch

Have you noticed strange clicking sounds coming from the pressure switch near the tank? This could mean your well pump is faulty. When it comes to appliances, noisy systems are never good. With that in mind, if you hear clicking sounds coming from your well, contact a professional service offering well replacement in Monmouth County.

Leaking / Spitting Faucet

The pressure tank connected to your well pump may need to be replaced if you notice leaking. If air gets into the waterline, air bubbles can form from the faucet connected to your sink as a result. This is not a good sign for your well. The leaking will persist unless action is taken; make the call to a licensed plumbing professional.

Non-Stop Pump Running

If your well pump needs replacing, it will be struggling to maintain your water needs. To do this, it will run more to keep up with demand. If you’re unsure how to tell when your pump is running, check the pressure switch. If it’s switching off and on frequently, it may be time to replace it.

High Utility Bills

Finally, if you’ve noticed that your monthly utility bill is higher than usual, it could be due to a lack of efficiency from your well pump. The older it is, the more likely well replacement in Monmouth County will be necessary. Get some professional help and save some money.

How To Start Well Replacement in Monmouth County

If you’re a handy go-getter, you may try to replace the well yourself. However, this may prove to be a difficult task without proper experience, training, and licensure. If you make a single mistake during the process, it may cost up to a few thousand dollars in repairs.

For this reason, we recommend contacting a professional team of well experts to execute your well replacement. They will know how to diagnose your pump issues and effectively apply the solution. You will be in good hands under the expertise of an experienced company. So regardless of your developing DIY skills, you should leave well replacement to the pros.

well pump replacement monmouth county

Time to Make The Call

For the best well replacement in Monmouth County, choose A-1 Well Drilling. With four generations of well professionals, we have the expertise to provide the highest quality of work and care. Whether you need your well replaced, repaired, or installed, we are fully equipped to get the job done. Give us a call to get started with dependable, honest, and prepared well pump service.

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