Well Pump and Tank Replacement – Signs To Look For

If you’re experiencing trouble with the water system in your home, there are a variety of different problems that could be causing the issue. It could be as simple as a closed valve or you could need a well pump and tank replacement. In order to know if this is the case for your situation, look out for these indicators.

Low Pressure or No Water at All

There are many different reasons for why water pressure is low in your home, as explained in our previous blog. If you notice that your water pressure is low you might need a well pump and tank replacement.

A bad clog could prevent water from effectively flowing through your pipes. It would be best to have a professional come to inspect your pipe to make sure a well pump and tank replacement is completely necessary. You don’t want to jump the gun if all you needed was to clear a clogged pipe or fix a leak. But if you there is no water coming out of your faucets then you may have a problem with your well pump.

Loss of Pressure in the Expansion Tank

An expansion tank is a container that fills with water and compresses air. The tank will continue to fill with water until the air pressure is high enough to flip the pressure switch. Then when you turn on a faucet or your shower, the air pressure will force

the water of the pump. Because of this, when the tank loses pressure it must then work extra hard to keep the tank full. The loss of pressure in your expansion tank could be a sign that you need your well pump and tank replaced.

Be Aware of Obvious Signs

There are a few obvious signs that don’t require a professional’s opinion to determine you may be in need of a well pump and tank replacement. If your faucet is pouring out dirty water, spitting out air, or making loud and unusual sounds then you should call a professional to come inspect your well pump and water tank.

Higher Electric Bills

If you’re are experiencing any of the problems that have been mentioned, then you should take a look at your electric bill. Your water pump may not be the first thing you think of if your bill seems unusually high. However, the rise in expenses can easily be caused by a pump that is being overworked. If your water pump is having trouble maintaining pressure, it will run continuously to make up for the problem.

Power Outage

If you are experiencing a problem with your water pump, you want to make sure there are no electrical issues. A tripped breaker could very well be the source of your problem. If you see the breaker for your well pump is switched off, flip it back on. If it seems like the switch is in the middle, flipped it completely off before switching it back on. If this doesn’t take care of the problem then you could have a blown fuse. Be sure that your well pump has a reliable power source before calling for service.

Signals for Well Pump and Tank Replacement

Knowing when your well pump and tank need replacing is not always as easy as seeing dirty water come out of your faucet. A1 Well Drilling and Pump Service will tell you exactly when you need to replace or repair your well pump and tank. With over 4 generations of efficient and quality workmanship, we have the experience and skills to handle all of your water treatment needs. If you think your well pump needs replacing, reach out to us today.

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