How to Determine If You Need Well Repair In NJ

When we think of home maintenance, we typically see ourselves painting walls, cleaning gutters, and clearing out the garage. This would be leaving out the most important part of upkeep- the house’s water supply. We are so used to turning on the faucet and instantly getting clean water that we take it for granted. However, you need to properly maintain your water well if you expect to have this convenience. Proper diagnosis for well repair in NJ is an important process that should not be taken lightly.

Low Production

A major sign that you need well repair in NJ is low production of water. When your water well ages, the rate at which it pumps water decreases. A water well contractor will notice a decreased specific capacity. Specific capacity refers to the pumping rate of the well divided by the increase in water depth during pumping.

Low water production can occur when scale and grease builds up in your pipes or reservoir. This commonly occurs when a well was not properly developed when it was first drilled. This can also take place in newer wells that have dealt with drought or over-pumping. This will dry out the water-bearing zones and decrease the overall yield of your well.

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There are a wealth of other causes for low water production. Your well and pipes could have incrustation from mineral deposits or could be pumping sand rather than water. Also, microorganisms can foul the pipes and underwater surfaces in your well. Casing corrosion is another possible cause of low water production. The best way to find out is by hiring a professional for well repair in NJ.

Low Water Level

A professional water well contractor can inspect your water well to check for low water levels. Decreased well depth and an increase in sand or sediment in the water can signal trouble for your water well. Water levels can only be measured if you have a point of reference. Normally, the original well construction and pump test data is supplied to you by the well driller. However, the layman most likely will not know what to do with this information, so well repair diagnosis is best left to the professionals.

Short cycling

A properly functioning water well pump should cycle every 30-90 seconds while in use. Shorter cycles indicate damage to the water pump. Also, if your pump turns on and off rapidly or out of nowhere, you may need repairs. Damage to your water pump can be caused by issues in the well itself, so a thorough diagnostics test is highly recommended.

Water Quality Issues

As previously mentioned, cloudy water is a clear signal that you are experiencing issues with your water well. You should also make note if your water has a strange taste, odor, or is an abnormal color. Water is one of the most important resources in your home, so if you notice any of these characteristics in your water, immediately call for well repair in NJ.

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What Can Be Done?

Water well repair in NJ is referred to as well rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can increase the flow of water from your well. It is important to begin rehabilitation at the first sign of trouble- successful rehabilitation depends on how far the problem has progressed.

A common method used in well rehabilitation is the use of chemicals to dissolve contaminants encrusted on the well. Water well contractors will also physically clean the well using a brush attached to a drilling rig. They also can inject pressurized water into the well to clear it out. Some professionals will use both techniques during well repair in NJ.

Quality Well Repair In NJ

If you require well repair in NJ, you must choose a reputable, honest, and dependable company. With over 40 years of experience, A1 Well Drilling and Pump Service has aided thousands of people with their water wells. Their professional services will get your well back in working order in no time. If you are experiencing issues with your well, contact A1 Well Drilling and Pump Service today.

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