Private Well Systems, Low Water Pressure, & The Well Water Pump

Nowadays, there are two places to get clean, safe and high-quality water into the pipes and faucets of your home—from the city and from a private water well. City water is treated and controlled by respective municipalities and directed from home to home via an underground aquatic infrastructure. Well water, however, is controlled by a well water pump and derives from a large hole that was once drilled into the ground for the specific purpose of tapping into water found in an aquifer. Due to the fact that private water wells are not regulated either in treatment or pressure, households using well water are at the mercy of well water pumps, thus making them subject to low water pressure.

Main Functions of the Well Water Pump

Understanding the fundamentals of how well systems and well water pumps work together to provide a house with purified water is important, not only for choosing water treatment options but also for troubleshooting issues with water pressure. There are different types of well systems—some directly pump water into the house when an outlet is turned on while others have storage tanks to store water to pump when needed. What remains the same in these different systems, however, is the well water pump. Extracting water from the underground aquifer and providing pressurized water to the home is the sole responsibility of the pump. As such, problems concerning well water pumps can be the cause of many low-pressure situations.

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be a pain and especially noticeable when there are multiple people trying to use different water outlets at the same time (i.e. pressure drops in sinks or showers when a toilet is flushed). For households using a well system, pressure is determined by the settings on the well pump. Sediment clogging the filter in the supply line after the pump is one explanation for low water pressure. This kind of barrier leads to the inability of the pump to correctly identify the accurate pressure needed when prompted for water. Issues with the pressure tank could also be the culprit causing low water pressure. Since the main function of the pressure tank is to communicate to the water well pump how much water to draw from the well, it is important to pay close attention to the settings on the pressure tank.

Remedies for Low Water Pressure

Since there are a variety of different reasons for low water pressure within a private well system, there are just as many solutions. Though with troubleshooting, we recommend starting small and working big. Take a look at the meter on the pressure tank and adjust the settings. Making the settings higher on the tank will tell the water well pump to be more generous with its intake of water in order to have the water more readily available when necessary. Since most of any well system is underground, it can be difficult for any nonprofessional to know how to diagnose the problem. It could be a blockage in the system or even the way the well system is built. Some private wells are unable to draw the amount of water needed for a whole household. If the pressure tank settings are correct and the well pump seems to be in good working order, get the well inspected by a private well professional.

Well Water Pump Experts

If your household is experiencing the persistence of low water pressure after initial troubleshooting, call a well pump expert. Low water pressure, while a slight inconvenience at times, can be a sign of an underlying issue that may turn out to be costly in the future. Whether it’s a blockage in the system or something larger, A1 Well Drilling & Pump Service is equipped to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix your low water pressure problems. We can even install a Constant Pressure System, which is a  system specifically designed to maintain constant water pressure efficiently and inexpensively. If you think you may be experiencing pressure issues due to your well water pump or if you are interested in installing one of our Constant Pressure Systems, give us a call today!


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