Identifying the Early Signs of Well Flooding and What To Do

Well flooding can lead to big problems for you and your home. When your well begins to flood it can damage the integrity of your well, your well pump, and your septic system. Aside from all that, a flooded well can also result in damages to your house, especially if you have a basement. If flooding is noticed early, you may be able to handle it yourself. However, if well flooding is not given the proper attention, it can lead to a more complicated situation that requires professional well services. It is important to know the signs of well flooding and what to do when it happens.

Water Accumulation

An early sign of well flooding is when water begins to build up in the pump house or the vault. If you see this starting to happen, it is important to begin pumping that water out as quickly as possible. Use a sump pump to drain excess water out of the pump house. This can help prevent your basement from becoming flooded. Doing this right away can help avoid further damage. Now if you go to check your well pump and see that it is completely submerged in water, a sump pump is not the answer. If this happens you should call a professional right away.

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Septic Drain Field

One of the more obvious signs of well flooding is when your drain field becomes flooded. A drain field, otherwise known as a leach field, is an open area where the deposits of your septic tank are absorbed into the soil. It is very important to know where your septic tank drains out. Keep a good eye on your drain field to see if the ground is soft, muddy or full of water. This is a sign that your septic is being overworked as a result of well flooding. If you look at your drain field and see a giant puddle of water instead of grass, then you have a more serious problem.

Switch to Bottled Water

When well flooding occurs, there is a much higher chance that bacteria and pathogens can get into your family’s drinking water. This is especially true if your septic tank is close by. Just to be safe, it is suggested that you switch to bottled water until your well has been fixed. It may be a little inconvenient but it is better to take this precaution in case your water has been infected and could make you sick.

Stay Clear of the Pump

Once you’ve become aware of the well flooding, it is extremely important that you stay away from the pump. Do not try to go in and turn it off. Besides the obvious risk of exposure to unwanted bacteria, you would also run the risk of electrocuting yourself. Well pumps are powered by electricity and so there are electrical wires buried underground. If your pump is completely submerged in water, this can be a dangerous situation for anyone who is not trained to handle it. To be clear, this is where the do-it-yourself strategy is not an option. Call a professional to come fix the problem. They will have all of the proper tools and training to handle the situation as safely as possible.

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Well Flooding: A Job for Professionals

When well flooding occurs, your best option is always to call a professional. A technician will clean and reactivate your well pump, drain and sanitize your well, and make any necessary repairs along the way. Once the technician has finished cleaning and making repairs, tests will be run to ensure that your well is working properly and that your water is safe to use once again.

A-1 Well Drilling & Pump Service can help you recover from well flooding. All of our trucks are fully equipped to handle any problem that your well may encounter.  As a fully licensed company with licensed well drillers and pump installers, we get the job done right the first time and use quality equipment to handle all of your water well repairs. If you think your well is flooding or if you’d just like some professional advice, give us a call!

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