Well Water Treatment System – 8 Signs You Might Need One

When you rely on well water for your home, it’s important to pay attention to the signs that indicate you may need a well water treatment system. If left untreated, contaminated well water can cause serious health issues and contaminate your entire property. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to contact a well water specialist for an assessment:

1. Unusual Tastes or Smells

Water from a well should not have any unusual tastes or smells. Strange odors in well water may indicate contamination from sewage disposal systems, industrial chemicals, fuel tanks, road salt runoff, fertilizers, or other sources. Foul-tasting well water is usually caused by elevated levels of iron or manganese. A well water treatment system can reduce these levels

2. Water Discoloration

Brown or yellow well water usually indicates the presence of iron, manganese, or tannins in the well. These minerals are harmless but can discolor clothing and fixtures if left untreated. Water that is greenish-blue could indicate a high copper level from corroded plumbing. A professional well inspection will help to determine which treatment system is appropriate.


3. High Bacteria Levels 

Bacterial contamination comes from animal waste and faulty septic systems near your well. It can also be caused by decay or chemical reactions with rocks and soil. Elevated bacteria levels sometimes produce a sulfur-like rotten egg smell. Well water should be tested periodically but if you suspect the presence of bacteria in your well water, have it tested immediately. Ingesting bacteria can cause serious illness. If the problem persists, you may need to invest in a well water treatment system.

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4. Gritty Sediment

The presence of sand and dirt in your well water is typically a sign of an inadequate seal at the surface or a deeper well problem. In many cases, the well will need to be repaired or replaced. However, some sediment issues can be resolved by installing a well water treatment system such as a centrifugal sand separator or a screen filter.

5. High Mineral Content 

Hard well water contains elevated levels of calcium and magnesium that can make cleaning difficult, reduce appliance lifespan, and cause unwanted scale buildup on fixtures and surfaces. To resolve an issue with hard water, a whole-house water filtration or water softener may be needed

6. Low pH Level

Well water with pH levels lower than 7 is acidic which can corrode plumbing pipes and hardware causing leaks and reduced water flow. The acidity could also indicate the presence of metals like lead in your well water supply. A neutralizing filter is the best well water treatment system to address a low pH level.

7. Rusty Well Water

Reddish-colored well water may indicate that there are high levels of iron bacteria in your well. Iron bacteria form when oxygen and iron meet as underground deposits erode away. A whole-house water softener will often resolve the issue. If you already have this type of well water treatment system and are still experiencing rusty water, you can add a rust filter. A hydrogen peroxide system can also be effective. However, it is the least affordable solution.

8. High Nitrate Content

Nitrates can enter well water from agricultural runoff, septic systems near your well, wastewater treatment plants, or municipal sewage pipes near your well. High levels of nitrates can cause serious health problems for infants and young children. You should test for this regularly if you use well water for drinking or cooking. An ion exchange unit that operates much like a water softener is the best option for this well water issue.

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Is it Time for A Well Water Treatment System?

If any of these signs appear in your well water, contact A1 Drilling and Pump Service right away.

Our expert well technicians will inspect your well and determine the best well treatment system for you. Well water treatment systems come in all shapes and sizes and depending on the type of contamination present, can provide clean, safe well water for your home.  With regular maintenance, well water treatment systems can bring peace of mind knowing that your well water is safe. Contact us if you need a well water treatment system or are due for routine inspection and maintenance.

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