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When you own your own water well, it’s important to stay on top of things – you are responsible for looking after one of the most important resources in your house. The good thing is that when something goes wrong, you don’t need to rely on the city to fix (or refuse to fix) your issue. For example, when your water comes out discolored, you can actually do something about it rather than buy water bottles and hope that your city gets around to resolving the issue. While it is essential that you have a professional well pump service test and treat your water when it is discolored, knowing why it’s happening can be beneficial.

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Broken/Rusty Pipes

Broken pipes are a very common reason why your water supply may become discolored. A broken pipe will allow dirt, sediment and surface run-off water to enter into your water supply. This will result in water discoloration, a bad taste to the water, as well as dirt collecting at the bottom of drinking glasses. If your water system has broken pipes, it must be repaired by a professional well pump service immediately.

If water from certain faucets in the house is discolored and perfectly fine from a different faucet, rusty pipes may be the cause. If you live in an older house, this could be especially dangerous because the pipes may have been pieced together with lead. If this is the case, the issue needs to be remedied immediately.

Mineral Deposits

Even if your water well pipe system is functioning properly, it is still possible to find sediment in your water. This also happens when mineral deposits break down within your well pipes and mix with the water. If this is happening to your water well, you will need to fix or improve your filtration system within the well. You also may need to change out the filter within this system. An experienced well pump service will know exactly what to do.

High Iron Levels

Have you ever noticed red stains on sinks, washing machines or toilets? This is caused by high levels of iron in the water, which not only leave stains but can discolor the water as well. High iron levels give water a metallic taste and can even cause negative consequences to your health. If high iron levels are detected in your water supply, a professional well pump service can improve your filtration system to remove the contaminant.   

Organic Matter

Does your water smell musty or earthy? Are you noticing black or yellow stains on your clothing after they go through the wash? Your well water could be contaminated by organic matter or decaying vegetation. When you have a shallow water well, the water may turn brown in the fall when leaves fall onto the ground. Tannins from these leaves can enter the water and affect its taste and color. Wells can also silt up after floods and you’ll need to contact a water well professional to fix the issue. If you live  This can be remedied with chlorination treatments in addition to better water filtration.

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Expert Well Pump Service

A1 Well Drilling & Pump Service offers a variety of services including well drilling, well and pump service, water treatment installation, and service as well as custom design and installation of various water well systems.

We can treat your water so you can enjoy a truly pristine water supply. If you don’t have a well but are still experiencing these issues, it may be time to take control of your water supply and have us drill a well for you.We have four generations of experience and quality workmanship, so we know exactly how to solve your individual problems. If you are wondering how to remove rust stains from toilets and sinks for good, look no further. Contact A1 Well Drilling & Pump Service today.

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