Hiring a Well Drilling Company? Questions To Ask First

Are you experiencing issues with your old well and looking to hire a well drilling company? With so many options and such a large project, it can be quite difficult to make a decision on who to hire. Luckily, there are questions you can ask in order to make an informed decision.

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Are They Licensed and Insured?

First and foremost, you should ask the well drilling company if they have a license and are insured. If a company doesn’t have a license, they are not qualified to drill your well. Also, if a well drilling company doesn’t have insurance, you may have a difficult time getting paid if you suffer any damages due to negligence.

Are They Reputable?

Once you found out whether or not a well drilling company is legally qualified, you should find out if they are reputable. Ask the company if they have any references and ask friends and neighbors if they know about their reputation. Also, a company that has been in business for a long time has a greater chance of delivering quality work. Checking online reviews is another good way to learn more about a well drilling company’s reputation.

What’s In The Contract?

When you hire a well drilling company, they will provide a contract and an estimate for your project. Find out if the contract details costs, man-hours, and if they offer any guarantees of satisfaction. This is a great way to see what you are getting into and whether or not the service is within your price range. Only sign a contract that won’t surprise you with hidden fees.

How Much Water Do You Need?

Every well is different, and you need a well drilling company that knows exactly what your job requires. Discuss the size of your home, the amount of residents, and how much water is required for your property. An experienced well drilling company should be able to estimate how much water you will need.

What Type Of Well Do You need?

Typically, there are two types of wells installed for home-use, bedrock, and shallow wells. Bedrock wells contain a large amount of pure water. These wells are drilled deep into the ground to access water that flows within the earth’s bedrock. Shallow wells are dug rather than drilled and draw water from a shallow water table. These wells provide a decent amount of water if they dug in the right location.

There is also a third type of well that is commonly used on farms but are sometimes built for homes with large properties that require irrigation. These wells are called irrigation wells. Irrigation wells can work directly with watering systems for lawns and gardens. This conserves water and can save you money in the long-term.

How Can You Prepare?

Those who are building new homes may need to make certain preparations before the well is drilled. Ask the company whether or not you need to clear trees and level the ground before they drill the well. You may also need to build access roads to the location of the well.

Where Can You Drill?

An important thing to remember about well drilling is that it has many legal guidelines and local ordinances that must be followed. Discuss where your well will be drilled relative to property lines, other buildings, wetlands, etc. An experienced well drilling company will be aware of all ordinances and regulations. You should also make sure that the well drilling company has a pump large enough to reach the location.

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Additional Questions

There are also other questions you should ask any well drilling company before they begin.  What times will the crew get to the job and how long will they take to complete the project? How large is the hole and what kind of well screen is required? Remember to also ask them about water well testing and their procedure for new wells.

Hiring The Right Well Drilling Company

Now that you know the questions to ask, enlisting the services of an experienced and reputable well drilling company will be easier. A1 Well Drilling & Pump Service has provided expert service in Monmouth, Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex, and Mercer counties for four generations. Our services include well drilling, pump services, water treatment, and more. Our professional staff is happy to answer any of these questions. Contact A1 Well Drilling & Pump Service today for the very best in well drilling.


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