Private Water Well Installation – What are the Advantages of Having Your Own Well?

Are you considering private water well installation for your property? Many potential well owners remain on the fence because they only think about one or two benefits of owning their own well. Once you start laying out all of the advantages of having your own well, it becomes clear how useful it can be. 

Save Money

As a homeowner, you have plenty of expenses. From taxes to repairs to bills, the cost of living can get quite high. When you don’t have your own water well, you owe the city monthly usage fees as well as taxes involved with municipal water systems. After a private water well installation, these issues evaporate. You are in control of how much water you use and will save a whole lot of money in the long term. 

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Better Taste

Whoever said “Water has no taste,” is categorically mistaken. The taste of water depends on how it was treated, the quality of the water and the journey the water takes to get to your faucet. Water treatment facilities add a plethora of chemicals to the water that often makes it taste worse. Also, city water has to travel all the way from the water treatment facility to your home. This means the water passes through miles of piping, making it taste even worse.

Less Toxic

When you rely on the public water supply, you are putting all of your trust in the idea that the city will do everything they can to provide the purest water. In reality, things aren’t so ideal. Tap water often contains things like arsenic, which is a chemical that increases the risk of cancer. Also, the public water supply often has chemicals like chlorine added to it for an extra safety measure. While this may protect against some bacteria, chlorine is a toxic chemical that is not ideal to drink. 

Public water supplies sometimes contain aluminum which can increase the risk of getting Alzheimers or liver disease when ingested. Older public pipe systems can also contain lead, which is very hazardous to your health. Finally, undergoing private water well installation is the only way you can avoid ingesting fluoride, which has been shown to be related to several health issues.

In Control Of Your Water

Another benefit of owning your own well is being independent of the city with your collection and use of water. City water supplies can become contaminated, have broken water pipes, experience drought and other issues with the solution completely out of your hands. You don’t need to be someone who wants to ‘live off the grid’ to see the advantages of being independent of the city for your water. Home water wells allow you to take control of your water supply. If something happens to the city water supply, you won’t have to head to the supermarket for an expensive supply of bottled water.

Environmental Friendliness

If something happened to the public water supply or the tap water just doesn’t taste good, you could find yourself relying on water bottles for drinking water. We drink a LOT of water, which equates to you overpaying for water and sending countless plastic bottles to the landfill. After a private water well installation, you can enjoy clean, freshwater while protecting the environment.

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Professional Private Water Well Installation

A1 Drilling and Pump Service is an expert well drilling company with 4 generations of experience. Well drilling is just one of the many services we offer to make your life easier. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, A1 Drilling and Pump service is always ready to provide expert service. Whether you are looking to install a new home water well or repair the one you already have, A1 Drilling and Pump Service has you covered. Contact us today to take control of your water supply.

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